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Let’s Talk About TALON!

Posted May 21 2015, 2:58 pm in , , , , ,

the talon of the hawkWow – I can’t believe we’re almost to release day for THE TALON OF THE HAWK!

I’ve had this date in my calendar since my agent sold the trilogy in late 2012. It’s kind of like finally getting to go on an amazing vacation I started planning three years ago.

The most fun aspect is finally having people read the book – and talk about it! Here’s two great posts from the last couple of days.

Mala Bhattacharjee did an amazing First Look at Heroes and Heartbreakers.

And Veronica Scott has a terrific interview posted at the Sci-Fi Encounters column on the USA Today HEA blog.



3 responses to “Let’s Talk About TALON!”

  1. Jen Twimom says:

    Yea!! Congrats!! I love this series and am so excited that there will be more books!

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