Jeffe Kennedy
Fantasy. Power. Passion

Rogue’s Paradise

What They're Saying...

 Jeffe Kennedy’s spectacular descriptive writing creates such a vivid visual landscape, I could not help but get pulled into the world of Faerie.”

“How can you go wrong with a book that begins with an attack via flying monkey? This entertaining tale illustrates Kennedy’s bold creativity and draws readers into the complex adventures of the fairy realm. Gwynn’s human mind is geared toward the scientific, so relying on magic seems contrary to her beliefs. Rogue goes out of his way to show Gwynn that he loves her for more than her abilities – and their passion is powerful and hot!”

RT Book Reviews — 4 Stars

“Beautiful writing, spectacular imagery without ever overdoing, suggestive and vivid worldbuilding, swoon-worthy romance, delicious intensity… somebody stop me already…just go read this series. You will thank me later.”


“this is an awesome conclusion to a beautiful series”

Pearls Cast Before a McPig

“I had no idea which way Jeffe would take the story, but was gripped, entranced, addicted to the journey…. Five [STARS] of course!! No ARC riders this time, its a series I bought myself.”

Jeannie Zelos Book Reviews

“…Each installment is like puzzle pieces that slot together to create a rich tapestry of a world full of wonder, humour and surreal imagination with a dark jagged but sensual edge.”


“I anticipated having fun getting to “be there” when they finally got to enjoy each other fully, but I was surprised how much I enjoyed their growing intimacy…”

Urban Girl Reader

Rogue’s Paradise… was an exciting, passionate and thrilling ending to this mysterious and enchanting journey.”

That’s What I’m Talking About

“Holy freaking cow. Fantasy is not normally my genre of choice, but the way Jeffe Kennedy writes it, well, wow.”

So Many Reads… So Little Time

“…delivers more than anticipated”

I Smell Sheep

“This was a perfect conclusion to the Covenant of Thorns trilogy…”

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