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Jeffe’s #1 Tip for Being a Good Blogger

Posted Jan 15 2016 in , , ,

I love seeing the mountain bluebirds come around this time of year. They’re skittish birds though, so it’s hard to get a good shot. I’ve been leaving the tripod up with telephoto lens trained on their usual perches. Even so, this is about the best pic I’ve gotten. Mostly they’re a whirl of bright blue […]


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Speaking to the Shadows

Posted Dec 22 2011 in ,

So, several people read my post yesterday and pinged me in various ways, asking if this meant I wouldn’t be posting to the blog. Which is such a gratifying thing to hear. Part of being a writer is this odd phenomenon of feeling like you’re speaking to an empty room. Maybe it’s like standing on […]



You Can Pick Your Nose

Posted May 26 2011 in , ,

We had brunch with friends, Krystal and Jonathan, at Blue Heron last Sunday. The photo isn’t great, but we had a fun time. Terrible service – the place is newly re-opened and the lone waitress was completely overwhelmed that people actually showed up. An hour after we ordered, food finally arrived, but my glass of […]



I’m Starting a Blog That…

Posted Mar 25 2011 in , ,

This is my partner cat, Teddy. Lately she’s taken to snoozing just next to me while I read at night. She also stares, but I think that’s love and not necessarily plotting my demise. I hope. Sometimes the world of social media gets pretty amusing. Amusing in that “I have to laugh or I’ll claw […]