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Backlist Valentine: PETALS & THORNS

Posted Feb 11 2018 in , , , , , , , ,

This week we’re giving a valentine to the books of years’ past and sharing a title from our backlists. A little love for those publications that might even predate the creation of this blog! For mine, I’m sharing my first standalone fiction publication. It was my first sale as a novelist, even though it’s technically […]



Russian Trolls Under Every Bridge

Posted Nov 3 2017 in , , , , , ,

One thing I’ve noticed recently, in sifting through the spam comments on my blog, is how many come from Russians now. And on one post, in particular. See, I stopped looking at the spam comments after a while. This kind of went along with my overall dip in blogging that I mentioned yesterday. The comments […]


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Crying Wolf

Posted Apr 30 2017 in , , , ,

The bright day after the big snowstorm. The snow is melting fast and I’m betting it will be all gone by midafternoon.  Our topic this week at the SFF Seven is an open author riff, an invitation to talk about whatever’s on our minds.  I ended up complaining about bad security advice on the Internet. Because […]


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Getting More Facebook Likes

Posted Oct 13 2015 in , , , , , , , , ,

This pic didn’t come out as well as I would have wished, because Jackson was moving so fast. But he’s perched on the back of a chair next to my treadmill desk, methodically swiping things to the floor so I’ll pay attention to him. Funny cat. Before I forget, I’m teaching an online writing workshop […]


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Growing Up and Facing the Bullies

Posted Sep 22 2015 in , , , , ,

David got this pic of me, without my knowledge, with a video surveillance camera he was playing with. Which is why the colors are so stark. Always interesting to see a view of myself when my attention is totally on something totally other than being photographed – in this case, on getting the photograph *I* […]