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Setting the Record Straight

Posted Mar 13 2019 in , , , , , , , , ,

A blustery, blizzardy day here in Santa Fe! My iron fairy sculpture has wind-blown rain and snow frozen to it. Springtime in the Rockies! We had a lovely time in Tucson over the weekend, though they weren’t a whole lot farther along springwise than we are. A cold winter, with lots of precipitation. We’re hoping […]



On Professional Jealousy – and Three Ways to Shut It Down

Posted Feb 13 2017 in , , , ,

Last weekend I got to visit my lovely writer friend Grace Draven – that’s me enjoying the gorgeous trees in Texas hill country – and this weekend my fantastic writer friend Anne Calhoun came to visit me. As a result, I’ve had about ten days worth of intense writer conversation and am wrung out. I’m […]


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