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Coming Up with Titles: the Pain and Glory

Posted May 13 2018 in , , , , , , ,

Spring has sprung here fully into summer and the flowers are so lovely! This is my pink anemone clematis that I’m training to climb up the grape vine in the arbor. Love how it’s coming along! Our topic this week at the SFF Seven is “How do you come up with your titles?” Come on […]


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Tips and Tricks for Great Titles

Posted Feb 21 2016 in ,

I took this pic several weeks ago – just love how the Santa Fe light works, with the highlights and shadows, and the looming mauve fog bank swirling in to shroud it again. This week’s topic in the bordello is The Joy and Agony of Coming Up With Titles. Come on over to check it […]


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Clickable Titles – Bait and Switch?

Posted Jun 1 2012 in , , ,

I’m packing up my bags today and leaving my pretty garden behind, alas. I’ll be in Charleston, SC over the weekend, prowling the streets and doing a little book research, then I’m in Providence, RI all week, winding up in Boston Thursday night and Friday. If anyone wants to hook up, ping me! So, I’ve […]



Picking a Good Book Title

Posted Jan 19 2012 in , , ,

We get the most spectacular sunrises this time of year. I’m not sure why. All that mysterious meteorology stuff. I’ve been noticing something interesting since Sapphire came out. One word titles suck for tracking. Not that I don’t love that title – I do. It was my title all along and Carina let me keep […]