Jeffe Kennedy
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The Devil’s Doorbell

What They're Saying...

“In a world that works hard at limiting women’s choices through draconian laws and social pressures this collection of stories is different. The women in these stories are not waiting around for someone to show up and show them a good time. Nope. These women are going for it. Erotica featuring empowered women? Bring it.”

~Writing While Distracted

“Fans of anthology will have gratification of seven erotic short stories by various diverse best-selling authors. These tales had unique plots which made the readers think. Honoring women’s bliss in passion.”

~Romantic Fanatic

About Exact Warm Unholy: “A complex, troubled heroine whose sexuality is an integral part of her journey and a hero who wants her but also wants more: it’s everything you could ask for in erotic romance.”

~All About Romance