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Posted Aug 16 2010 in , , ,

We’ve passed a watermark in our lives: we’ve been in the Santa Fe house for one year now. I know. Time seriously flies, right? So today I’m officially retiring the “Big Move” and “Big Switch” labels. It seems right. That part of our lives is over now. We switched; we moved. We’re here now. One […]



Prince of a Man

Posted Jul 21 2010 in , , ,

Today is David’s Birthday. And with today, we complete the cycle that first brought us to Santa Fe. A year ago today, David turned 50 and we drove down to Santa Fe to commence our house hunt. A year from tomorrow will be the first time we saw this house. David turning 50 also marked […]



My Old Wyoming Home

Posted Feb 4 2010 in , , , ,

I don’t think about the old house much. Which is kind of odd, because it once meant so much to me. Last week, when David and I went to Ten Thousand Waves to celebrate our anniversary by soaking in a private tub, he asked me if I thought the new people were using the hot […]


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True Love

Posted Dec 7 2009 in ,

“Well, Sundance, at least we have enough ammo to hold off the Bolivian Army.” This is what I was planning to say to David when I came back into the house after organizing the garage. I had the words all picked out, amused myself terribly as I worked, but then I couldn’t quite tease him […]


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Oral Surgery

Posted Oct 25 2009 in , ,

This is actually a setting October crescent moon. Held by an unstable hand. Turned out kind of cool, actually. I took this after our first party in the new house, at which I drank a fair amount of wine. Hence the unsteady hand. The serendipity of over-indulgence. Yesterday was all about getting ready for the […]