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Waffle Review #1 – Harry’s Roadhouse, Guy’s Favorite

Posted May 5 2018 in , , , ,

I’ve been on a waffle kick lately. I don’t even really know why except that I love the crisp shell with a fluffy interior. They’re usually only slightly sweet and often come with fruit. Also, surprisingly enough, waffles can be among the lowest calorie items on the breakfast menu. (Depends entirely on what else you […]


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Establishing Sustainable Writing Habits – and Being Happy, Too

Posted Jun 14 2017 in , , , , , , , , , , ,

This is a quintessentially Santa Fe photo to me. I took it at Radius Books, where my lovely author friend Megan Mulry works. I stopped by on a hot June afternoon to pick up some books from her, and this dog-in-residence was enjoying the cool stairway. Or being part of an art installation. In Santa Fe, even […]