Exact, Warm, Unholy

Exact, Warm, Unholy by Jeffe Kennedy

Publisher: Brightlynx Publishing

Date Published: Nov 2016



Tonight my name is Mary…

Or is it? Sometimes she’s Tiffany or Syd or Bobbi. But whatever face she wears, she returns to the same bar, to find a new man and seduce him, safe in the knowledge that no one will recognize her. Until one man does.


“This book is amazing. Especially the way it was all tied up in the end. Perfect.”

~lateniteTLC on Amazon

“A complex, troubled heroine whose sexuality is an integral part of her journey and a hero who wants her but also wants more: it’s everything you could ask for in erotic romance.”

~All About Romance

“…it’s sweet and sexy and made me smile so much – even though the heroine went through so much pain. I really, really enjoyed this story.”

~Mandi Schreiner on Goodreads

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