Jeffe Kennedy
Fantasy. Power. Passion

For Crown and Kingdom

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The Arrows of the Heart

What They're Saying...

“All in all, this is a fabulous diversion in this rich and fantastic world.  The mythology continues to be enthralling, the wit and banter of the characters engaging, and the flow of the story gripping. “

~That’s What I’m Talking About

“Dafne is a fav of mine. I mean, she’s a librarian, passionate about scrolls and different languages. How could a bookworm not love her, I ask you? She’s also very smart and strategic and I love that about her.”

~Butterfly-O-Meter Books

Dafne’s deep knowledge of all the players in this drama helps her achieve her goals, and gives readers a great refresher on previous events at the same time. It marvelously whets the appetite for the epic story that is to come.

~Reading Reality