Under His Touch

Under His Touch by Jeffe Kennedy

Publisher: Carina Press

Date Published: Jan 2015



Amber Dolors knows better than to get involved with her boss. Devastatingly handsome in his sharp suits and sexy beyond belief, he possesses an air of command that fuels her darkest fantasies. But she’s worked too hard to get this job, and keeping it will lead to a brilliant future. She won’t cross that line-even if his way of giving orders and demanding her best performance gives her delicious warm shivers.

Alexander Knight prides himself on his integrity and self-discipline. After all, he hasn’t risen to the position he enjoys by indulging his whims over ambition. He also isn’t blind. He’s certainly noticed his sharp, young assistant is hot as hell. His self-imposed sexual hermitage doesn’t stop him from watching her. And endlessly fantasizing.

The day Alec’s cool reserve cracks and Amber catches a glimpse of something simmering beneath his apparent indifference is the day everything between them changes. Alec gives her what she’s been looking for sexually-as masterful in the bedroom as he is in the boardroom. He finds himself in the grip of an affair that tests even his boundaries, while Amber’s new role as willing student pushes them both past any consideration other than mutual longing.


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“…the core of the story is the development of a gripping and realistic relationship between two well-drawn characters.”

~Publisher’s Weekly

“4 1/2 stars! Kennedy’s novel has all the addictive tension and high-stakes passion that fans crave. Her main couple’s interactions are intense from the start, and she doesn’t shy away from either realistic details or dreamy fantasies. Best of all, she moves beyond their overwhelming physical passion to the emotions that drive them both, including the achingly real fears that threaten their happiness. As a result, this book is as touching as it is torrid. “

~RT Magazine 

“Beautiful balance of sexual tension and “payoff” (heh) scenes, which are hot, hot, hot.  Confession: I read it twice.”

~Alpha Heroes

“Jeffe delivered yet another delicious read!”

~Pearls cast before a McPig

“The beginning of the story leaves you wanting to know more and by the end of the first chapter, I could not wait to finish the book!”

 ~Night Owl Reviews

“…this was a smoking hot, super-yum power-play romance and yet another score for Jeffe Kennedy.”

~Butterfly-O-Meter Books

“A gripping story of love, soulfulness and a need to find what the heart desires no matter what age you are. Hidden desires, secret office romance, career altering moves, this will leave you breathless in the end.”

~The Delighted Reader

“Under His Touch is one of the hottest books I’ve read of late. It is an erotic romance that I could not put down and almost made me melt into a big pile of goo. This is one dirty book and I highly recommend it (as I do for all the books in this series).”

~Romance Novel News

“For those of you whose minds reside in darker places, enjoy a hot read.”

~The Jeep Diva

“Under His Touch by Jeffe Kennedy is an explosive read…Recommended for fans of BDSM, fans of angsty romances & fans of sexy British heroes! I loved it!”

~Maldivian Book Reviewer

“Kennedy manages to walk the line with room to spare, creating a delightful story of a precocious, ambitious young woman and her older, more experienced lover that worked for me on every level.”

~Cooking Up Romance

Kennedy doesn’t do gratuitous sex and that is something I very much appreciate in erotica titles. I need good characters and a good plot to go along with the sex and that is certainly delivered in this read. The Falling Under series is quickly becoming one of my favorite BDSM series.


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