Jeffe Kennedy
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Shooting Star

What They're Saying...

~”Shooting Star is a heart-wrenching love story that starts in the dark, but ends in the light.  Though dealing with serious issues, the redemption of self they each find through and with each other is utterly compelling.  Ms. Kennedy surprised me with a dark but passionate story of how even dark desires can lead to healing light; that two broken souls can find themselves whole, together.”

~That’s What I’m Talking About

~”Great sexy scenes and a relationship that developed at a believable pace. I have to admit I was skeptical about a heroine who is a rock star, but Kennedy made her believable and sympathetic, not to mention interesting.
Kept me turning pages long after I should have gone to bed.”

~Happy Camper

~”I always enjoy reading books from this author! Shooting star is a beautifully written love story about two broken people. Ava is a beautiful and tough heroine and the hero is brave and strong. A wonderful read!”


~”Kennedy’s writing brought this tabloid-filled plot line to life. Contemporary romance isn’t a genre that I read often but I couldn’t put this book down. “

~Alexia Chantel on Goodreads

~”Shooting Star is packed with secrets, lies and betrayal. At it’s very core it’s about two broken people who’s jagged edges forge something that I can only describe as ugly-beautiful.”

~Timitra on Goodreads