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Sorcerous Moons: Books 4-6
The Dragons of Summer
With a Prince
Since Last Christmas
Missed Connections Series (1-3)
Oria's Gambit
The Tides of Bara
The Forests of Dru
Sorcerous Moons I: Books 1-3
Oria's Enchantment
Lonen's Reign
Heart's Blood
Blood Currency: Feeding the Vampire & Hunting the Siren
The Snows of Windroven
The Crown of the Queen
The Edge of the Blade
Shift of the Tide
The Arrows of the Heart
Rogue's Pawn
Rogue's Possession
Rogue's Paradise
Shooting Star
Exact, Warm, Unholy
Master of the Opera
Petals and Thorns: A BDSM Fairytale Romance
The Devil's Doorbell
For Crown and Kingdom
Seasons of Sorcery
Last Dance
Lonen's War
Hopeful Monsters