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The Mark of the Tala

What They're Saying...

“This magnificent fairy tale will captivate you from the beginning to end with a richly detailed fantasy world full of shapeshifters, magic and an exciting romance! Andi isn’t your ordinary must-have-a-prince-to-save-me type of princess. She begins as the invisible middle sister, not a great beauty like Amelia, nor a warrior like Ursula – instead Andi is content to remain a wallflower, until she meets Rayfe and her entire world is turned upside down. She makes wise choices, all to save her people from the harsh realities of battle, and even when faced with horrible options, her course is one of truth, loyalty and love. Rayfe is dark and intense, keeping his feelings close to the chest, but trusts Andi to make the right decisions. They are a remarkable pair, one who celebrate individuality with a partnership that will last for a lifetime.”

– RT Book Reviews, 4.5 Stars TOP PICK

“Shape-shifting is just one of the magical elements skillfully and believably woven into this tale… Also noteworthy is that although The Mark of the Tala is Andi’s story, her relationship with her sisters and her father, the burgeoning memories of her dead mother, the torn-asunder relationships between the kingdoms—all of these elements conspire to weave a tale that is both satisfying and tantalizing. This promises to be a trilogy that will leave readers enthralled.”

Heroes & Heartbreakers

“I loved every page and the conclusion simply left me stunned.”

– Team Tynga’s Reviews

“Recommended for fans of light fantasy, romantic fantasy, shape-shifters, magic, and sexy romantic interludes.”

– SF Crow’s Nest

“I have to say I adored this book and love that it is the first in a trilogy.  The world that was built was fascinating in its complexity and beauty yet harsh in its way of dealing with the the differences between races.  There is a lesson embedded in this story about tolerance and understanding needing to take the place of fear and the unknown.”

– Bookaholicanon – 5 Stars

“This well-written and swooningly romantic fantasy will appeal to fans of Juliet Marillier’s “Sevenwaters” series or Robin McKinley’s The Hero and the Crown.

Library Journal (Starred)

 “I felt different after reading this book. The lines of my imagination were tested, and I LOVED IT. Jeffe writes with a paintbrush of a talented artist. Her words are filled with beauty and pain all at the same time. I found that this story was so well written, that even the simplest line, “And there was Rayfe. Waiting for me,” overflowed with emotion.”

~ A Reader Lives A Thousand Lives


Audio Book Reviews:

“Right from the beginning, The Mark of the Tala grabbed my attention, and I found myself fully entangled in its unique mythology and fascinating tale.”

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